Fellowship of the Link

Campaign to date

Session 1


Douven Staul is a wise mentor and a friend to his apprentices. He is also an experienced and careful explorer. However, a few weeks ago, he went off to explore an alleged dragon burial site near the village of Winterhaven, and has not been heard from since. His wife is worried, as are his students. After discussing the matter the previous night at The Blue Moon Alehouse, his five students decided that they would attempt to retrace his steps, in the hopes of finding him.

This motley party of adventurers has been training together under Master Staul for several months to become competent explorers themselves. The party consists of a Shifter druid, a Tiefling warlock, a Human warlord, a Dragonborn paladin, and a Halfling rogue. They depart from the town of Fallcrest, a small town built from the ruins of a larger city.

On the road out of town the party meets a pair of patrolling guards. The guards warn them of increased Kobold activity on King’s Road towards Winterhaven.

After traveling about 15 miles, the party notices a keep upon a hill to the south surrounded by The Cloak Wood. Douven Staul had taught them of this keep, which is now referred to as Kobold Hall. Dusk is approaching, and they will want to make camp soon. They are fairly certain that Douven wouldn’t have abandoned his quest and gone to the keep. However, based on the warning from the guards, it is feasible that he was set upon by kobolds and captured or worse. Hence they decide to make a detour and check out Kobold Hall.

The old keep is overrun by the surrounding forest, including the road leading to it. Inside the keep, they find a trapdoor at the base of an old guard tower. Around the keep, and especially the trap door, they see many tracks of small clawed creatures. Not wanting to camp yet, without knowing what is below the trap door, they decide to enter. In the darkness below, they find a room with a kobold on the other side of a sludge filled pit. The halfling immediately slays him with a shuriken to the throat, but not before he calls out for help. Four other kobolds enter the room. Three surround and attack the human, and nearly bloody him with a single attack round. Luckily though, they then became confused and stood there wondering what to do next, while the adventurers attacked them relentlessly. After two were killed, another was blinded and ran into the pit where he was quickly dispatched. The remaining one, badly wounded, was lured into the pit as well, dying in the fall.

The party then rests and assesses their situation. They see a hallway leading further into the darkness, where they can only assume they will find more kobolds. Three dead kobolds lie in the room with them. Another two sank into the sludge. Because it is late in the day, the adventurers consider taking an extended rest before exploring further. Will they rest here, or in the ruins or forest above?

Session 2


Players/Characters Derek/Dralk – Shifter Druid Wendy/La Bustamonte – Tiefling Warlock Eric/Thom – Human Warlord Alex/Zergol – Shifter Paladin Daniel/Conterra – Human Warden Josh/Gavrilo – Halfling Rogue

Tied up in a small adjacent room, the party finds a man bound and gagged. When they release him, he informs them that he was a courier. He was traveling from Winterhaven to Fallcrest when a band of kobolds captured him and brought him here. Hungry for some vengeance, he decides to join the party in order to seek out and destroy more of these vermin.

Not feeling the need for rest just yet, the party continues into the dark underbelly of Kobold Hall. After proceeding down a shallow stairwell, they enter a tomb with four stone coffins in it. At the opposite end of the room is a makeshift alter to Tiamat, the evil dragon god. Also occupying the room are three spear wielding kobolds. While moving to attack the kobolds, the adventurers discover that the room it rigged with traps. Many of the stones in the floor are trigger points for dart traps that fire from a pair of armor suits that stand on the sides of the room.

After killing the three kobolds, and avoiding being hit too badly by the dart traps, Zergol, finds a small bag on the altar filled with 60 gp. He then proceeds to destroy the wretched altar.

They then head down another stairway (again in a south-eastern direction), which leads them to another room with four more stone coffins. These coffins surround a sludge filled pit, like the one encountered earlier. There is a set of double doors at the far side of the room. The room seems to be rigged for some kind of game. Four kobolds stand on a raised platform where they play their game from. On the coffins lie piles of small animal skulls. One kobold on the platform holds a sludge covered stone, which is attached to a rope secured to the ceiling. The objective of the game seems to be to get a skull to stick to the rock and retrieve it.

While fighting the kobold at range, the kobolds use the device as a weapon against the players. Once the kobolds on the ledge are killed, Gavrilo hurries to climb up on one of the platforms to retrieve one of the kobolds special weapons. However once he climbs up the platform, a pair of carnivorous reptilian beasts run up the stairs from behind the double doors and attacks him. Dralk recognizes these creatures as Guard Drakes. They are common pets that hunt in packs, not unlike wolves. The drakes are tough but easily defeated by the group.

On one of the ledges, Zergol finds a pile of coins and gems worth 200gp total. They also acquire 5 rounds of glue shot for their slings.

Session 3


Players/Characters Derek/Dralk – Shifter Druid Wendy/La Bustamonte – Tiefling Warlock Eric/Thom – Human Warlord Alex/Zergol – Shifter Paladin Josh/Gavrilo – Halfling Rogue

The shifter warden, that the party rescued earlier, is unfortunately in a hurry to get to Fallcrest. He needs to be there by morning with his package, in order to get paid. Therefore, he wishes you good luck with your adventure, gives his sincere thanks, and hopes to see you again soon in either Winterhaven or Fallcrest. Since he travels frequently between the two towns, he hopes that your work here will make Kings Road a safer place to travel.

After the warden leaves, the party continues on, hoping to find some sign of Douven’s whereabouts. They proceed down a hallway. Ahead is a large room with a 20ft ceiling. Within the large room is a smaller room with no ceiling and 10 foot walls. On the Southern side of the room is a 10ft high platform with a small stairway leading up to it.

When the party enters the room, it is obvious that the occupants have been waiting for them. The kobold leader screams for his followers to attack. The party then fights and slays a total of 6 kobolds (including the chieftain), and a spiretop drake. However, shortly after the last kobold dies, Zergol triggers a trap. He noticed some small writing on a wall and moved over to read it. To his dismay, the writing is actually the result of an Explosive Runes ritual. Fortunately he was the only within range of the blast an was able to walk away from the explosion.

During a short rest, Dralk finds a +1 Staff of the War Mage that the chieftain was using. He decides to equip it. He also finds a small key on the body. They enter the small room with no ceiling and find it to be empty. Dralk then instructs everyone to search the walls for a secret door or key hole. He finds a hidden door in an alcove to the north.

After a debate on whether or not to sleep for the night before entering, the party decides to press on, even though they are tired. The key opens the door revealing a set of stairs leading down. They follow a long winding passage from the kobold chieftain’s throne room down and down into the earth. Eventually, the finely worked stone tunnels give way to natural passages. Finally, they come upon a large cavern. The air is unnaturally cold in here. In the center of the room is a large pool of frozen dark water.

Then they spot something concealed behind a stone pillar which surprises and unnerves them. A young white dragon spots them as they enter, and he looks hungry. The party quickly attacks without a second thought. However, they quickly realize that they could be in over their heads. During the battle, Zergol makes an error in judgment. Having never battle a creature of this size before, he is unaware of just how far the dragon can reach. He makes a sudden move and turns his back for just a second. The dragon takes the opportunity to make a deadly attack. He snaps his jaws around Zergol and rips flesh. Zergol falls unconscious. Thom quickly heals Zergol and saves him from certain death. However Zergol is still hurt badly, and when the dragon breaths his icy breath, Zergol is left barely standing. In a rage, Zergol shift into his Longtooth form, which helps him survive the rest of the fight.

While the rest of the party has been attacking the dragon severely, the dragon is nearing death himself. In a twist of poetic justice, he makes a fatal mistake and turns his back on Zergol and Thom, in order to move away. Zergol and Thom both strike deep with their swords and deliver the final blows. The mighty beast falls dead.

Once, they’re sure they are out of danger, the party rests. They search around the cavern and find a locked treasure chest. They also notice a cave entrance on the northern wall about 20 ft off the ground.

Gavrilo picks the lock on the chest, after many attempts. Inside the chest they find 150 gp, a large pearl (worth 100gp) inside a felt bag, a potion of healing, a medium sized set of +1 leather armor, and a +1 Battleaxe of Terror. La Bustamonte equips the leather armor. Thom equips the battleaxe. The potion of healing, the party decides, goes to Zergol. Hopefully he’ll have it the next time he challenges a dragon.

The party is ready to party. Who would’ve imagined that this group of inexperienced adventurers could defeat a dragon on their own? They are also exhausted, and need to find a place to camp for the night. This cavern is too cold to rest comfortably. While they consider where to rest, they realize that their adventure is far from over. They still have many questions. Why is this dragon here? Why have the kobolds been attacking travelers on King’s Road so fiercely? Where does that cave in the wall lead? And most importantly, where is Douven Staul?

They can only hope that the kobolds didn’t capture him. If they had, he most likely would have been fed to this dragon. Was that his fate? The only evidence that gives the group hope is this: Dragons love to collect magical treasure. Douven always wear a magical amulet around his neck. There is no amulet in the chest.

Upon this realization, the group searches the cavern again. They find no amulet, but they do find a letter. Zergol is uneasy about reading anything they find, since the last thing he read exploded in his face.

Session 4


Players/Characters Derek/Dralk – Shifter Druid Wendy/La Bustamonte – Tiefling Warlock Alex/Thom – Human Warlord Alex/Zergol – Shifter Paladin Daniel/Conterra – Human Warden Josh/Gavrilo – Halfling Rogue

The party heads upstairs to the Kobold chieftains lair and sleeps for the night. When they awaken, La Bustamonte reads the letter, which is written in Draconic. It is a letter written presumably to the dragon named Szartharrax, from someone named Irontooth. The letter offers an alliance between their respective kobold tribes. Evidently Irontooth’s leader wants them to isolate the village of Winterhaven from the outside world. The letter also insinuates that this leader may soon gain great power.


_I have heard rumors that you succeeded in assimilating the other kobold tribes of the Fallcrest area. I’m sure the Skull Kicker clan will do well under your great leadership and might. _

_I rule over a tribe of kobolds in the Winterhaven area. I have been contracted to use my resources to discourage travel to and from Winterhaven. My lord does not want a lot of outsiders nosing around at this time. _

I write to offer an alliance between our tribes, so that you might assist in my mission. I assure you the benefits will be great. In addition to a paying a fine wage, my lord will soon wield great power and will rule over all of this land. It would definitely be wise to be his friend now.



They head back down to the dragon’s den and discover Danniel, who returned from Fallcrest to help.

The group then explores the cave in the dragons den and discovers that it leads outside to the forest. After getting their bearings, they continue on their way to Winterhaven. After a couple days of uneventful travel they are almost to the village. Suddenly they encounter a group of kobold brigands on the road. The party kills them off easily. On one of the bodies, they find a valuable necklace. On the necklace dangles a dragon figurine carved of obsidian. They recognize the etching as an abstract representation of the demon lord of the undead, Orcus. When they get to town, they sell this necklace for 80gp.

In town they begin asking around about Douven Staul as well as their experience with the kobolds. The guards are very interested in their stories about the kobolds and take them to see Lord Padraig, who rules over this village. He offers them a commission to take out the kobold lair. He offers to pay them 200gp and the group accepts. He then provides them with a map to where their lair is believed to be.

At the inn, they find an old man named Elian who talked with Douven about the dragon burial site. He says that Douven went off to find it, but never returned. He gives the party the same directions to the location that he gave Douven.

The next morning the party heads out of town to find the dragon burial site. When they arrive, they discover a group of people already there and excavating. They almost decide to head down into the site to greet them, until the site leader (a gnome) yell up with a nervous greeting and tries to beacon them closer with an obvious bluff. The party’s insight serves them well as they notice the other group readying themselves for a battle.

They party decides play into the invitation. They move down a ways into the site in a non-threatening way, until Gavrilo is within range of the gnome and attacks him. The party manages to kill off everyone there with relative ease. Hopefully, they were indeed evil! That question is answered soon enough when they search the site and find Douven tied up. He says that he was forced to help the gnome scour the site for an ancient relic (a mirror) that someone named Kalarel wanted. He also said that these people seemed to belong to some kind of death cult worshiping Orcus.

In a crate, the party finds the Mirror that the gnome was looking for. It is not magical, but it arcane markings on it, and looks like the type of thing that might be used as a component in an arcane ritual.

Among the bodies, a total of 65gp and 13sp is found. Gavrilo discovers that the gnome was wearing +1 leather armor, and takes it for his own.

Douven is very thankful that you came to find him and also very proud. Now though, he must get back to his wife, who is terribly worried about him. He collects up his gear and head straight back for Fallcrest.

The characters gain enough XP to level up! Everyone is now level 2. Congrats! Total XP: 1060

Session 5


Since they accepted a commission from Lord Padraig, the party decides to continue on to the location of the kobold lair. Upon finding the waterfall location, where the lair is supposedly at, the party spots kobolds: 13 of them. Following Zergol’s lead, they immediately attack. While managing to kill most of them, a kobold slinger managed to escape to warn Irontooth of the attack. The kobold runs into a cave entrance next to the waterfall. Because of this warning the fight inside, which would’ve happened in two waves, happened all at once.

Once the encounter outside is over, the party takes a short rest; expecting the ones inside to come out and attack at any second. No kobolds exit the caves. The party decides to enter the cave entrance that the kobold ran into; except for Thom. Thom is visibly nervous and disagrees about going in. He prefers instead to wait outside for the kobolds to exit. In a final protest, he threatens to leave the party members to die, if this decision leads them into a deadly situation. His loyalties to the party members are obviously not strong.

However, the entire party enters the cave. The kobolds inside are ready and waiting. Initially, only three are seen, and the adventurers attack. However, they are soon surprised by the large numbers that occupy the cave. Inside the cave are 10 minions, 3 skirmishers, the slinger that ran in from outside, 2 soldiers, a kobold priest, and a menacing goblin, whom they correctly assume to be Irontooth. After a couple of near deaths, the adventurers emerge victorious. All kobolds, plus Irontooth are killed.

In the cave, they find a locked chest. Opened using a key found on Irontooth’s body, the chest contains 420gp and a suit of +1 Dwarven Plate Mail. It also contains a letter addressed to Irontooth and signed by Kalarel. It reads:

My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.

XP: +304 Total: 1364

Session 6


On their way out of the caves, the adventurers notice some livestock tied up near the cave entrance on the other side of the river. There are 2 riding horses and 3 goats. They take the livestock with them.

When they arrive back in town they stable their horses, sell the goats, and return to Lord Padriag who pays them 200gp for eliminating the kobold threat. Upon hearing their evidence of an Orcus Death cult in the area, he refers them to Valthrun who might be more knowledgeable about such matters. Valthrun lives in the old tower near the center of town.

Valthrun is very troubled to hear of an Orcus cult operating in the area. He provides them with a short history of the area. Just north of town there is an old ruined keep. Back in the days of the Nerath empire, this keep was built over the site of a rift to the Shadowfell, a place of darkness and shadows. Not all of the Shadowfell is evil, but this rift apparently connects to an unholy sanctuary of Orcus, the demon lord of the undead. Before it was sealed skeletons, ghouls, and stranger, fouler creatures crawled through the opening into the light of day. The empire destroyed the undead and then sealed the rift and built a keep over the location to watch over it and contain its threat.

If servants of Orcus are active in the area, it is likely that they are trying to reopen the rift. If succeed in unsealing the rift, a tide of undead could descend on Winterhaven. This time, however they have no empire to call for aid. The undead army would overwhelm Winterhaven and establish a kingdom of death in this world. Valthrun pleads with the adventurers to help, who accept.

Also, during this conversation, Valthrun tells them the story of Sir Keegan; a paladin of Bahamut, and the last guardian of the Shadowfell keep. One fateful day, for unknown reasons, Sir Keegan began to systematically slaughter every resident of the keep, starting with his own wife and children. Sir Keegan was a very skilled warrior and was very hard to stop. Eventually, however, the soldiers of the keep organized a defense that drove the mad knight into the passages beneath the keep, where they finally killed him.

From Valthrun’s tower, the party heads to the inn to sleep for the night and prepare to head out to the keep early in the morning.

In the morning, they head to the ominous keep. When they arrive, the ancient ruins have a disturbing feeling about them, a feeling composed of lingering memories and unknown mysteries. They find a stairwell leading down underground and head down it.

Upon entering the torch-lit room below, Zergol falls into a covered pit filled with a swarm of rats. He quickly escapes, thanks to the help of Dralk’s rope, but not before a group of goblins attack them. The goblin are deadly accurate with their crossbows and javelins, but the party manages to slay them.

They head east through a door and find a room that is currently being dug up by goblins; apparently searching for some kind of treasure. The group kills the goblins and their Guard Drakes, but find little treasure, besides a +1 magic symbol of Bahamut.

While searching for more treasure, they discover a secret door in the hallway that they entered through. They enter it and a stairwell to another hidden door. Gavrilo quietly opens the door and finds an obese goblin sleeping in a small room lined with tapestries. They notice, however that the tapestries hide the fact that the room is larger than it appears. Behind the tapestries, they hear a single set of foot steps.

Green Arrow (where you started) Red Arrow (Where you stopped)

XP: +216 Total: 1580 3rd level @ 2250XP

Session 7


As the rest of the adventurers wait quietly at the bottom of the secret stairwell, Gavrilo sneaks into the sleeping goblin’s chambers and quietly slits his throat. He then peaks around the tapestry to see who else is in the room, but is noticed. The goblin guard comes behind the curtain and is quickly killed by the party.

Gavrilo then picks the lock on the chest next to the bed and finds a sizable treasure. Inside the chest they find: 560gp worth of gold and gems, a +1 Poisoned Dagger, a +1 Rod of Reaving, and a +2 suit of Summoned Hide Armor.

The party moves into an adjacent room where they find a couple of goblins who sound an alarm which brings forth 10 more. The party fights and kills them and finds no more treasure in this area.

As they explore further they find another room to the NW, which has more goblins in it. This room appears to be some sort of torture chamber/jail. The leader is an ill-tempered hobgoblin. He commands several sharpshooter goblins armed with crossbows, who are very good at hiding in the shadows under the tables. When the adventurers succeed in exterminating the goblins in this room, they find another goblin locked in one of the jail cells. He offers to help them for his release. However, the group finds the goblin to be annoying and of no help. Therefore, they release him and tell him to go away.

They proceed with their exploration of the keep and find a natural cavern infested with giant rats. While battling the rats, they also notice a jelly monster lurking in the cave. They hunt it down and killed it as well.

They peer down a tunnel to the south. The druid smells a snake-like musk scent. They then decide to open a pair of doors to the west which reveals a staircase leading down to another natural cavern. They descend the staircase and find that much of the chamber below is filled with a stagnant pool of brackish water. A patch of land rises from the foul water at the pool’s center. On this little island, bones, spilled coins, and other small objects are visible among the carpet of fungus. As they examine the water, they notice ripples which stir the calm water, as if something moves beneath its surface.

Green Arrow (Where you started this session) Red Arrow (Where you stopped)

XP: +354 Total: 1934 3rd level @ 2250XP (-316 to go)

Treasure: 560GP; +1 Poisoned Dagger; +1 Rod of Reaving; +2 suit of Summoned Hide Armor

Session 8


A large blue slime monster emerged from the water. It was very tough and very strong, but the adventurers killed it. On the island they found 45GP worth of coins, 2 Potions of healing, a +1 Sunblade Bastard Sword, and a wooden message cylinder.

The message cylinder contains three sheets of paper. The first is a map that shows the location of this keep.

The second is contains the following message: Remember, don’t wet the nodule—unless Kalarel is not receptive to the offer. Then, wet it only from a distance, and then, turn and run. Water will bring the creature out of its dormancy, and it will consume anything it can reach.

The third is a letter written in the same hand as the previous message: “Greetings, Kalarel. I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My messengers will show the way.” It is signed: “Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers.”

After that, they move back to the entrance area of the keep; where they’d previously seen a pair of double doors. Beyond the doors, discolored stairs lead down into cold darkness. An overpowering odor of damp rot fills the air. Hallways lead in several directions. Gavrilo notices strange designs inscribed into the floor. The party head into a room to the south and encounter 7 zombies. Once the zombies are killed, the party explores the hallways some more and find several more set of designs on the floors. They guess that these are being used as some kind of warning system. Since they can’t find a clear passage to the north, they head south into a room lined with sarcophagi on the walls. Skeletons emerge from the sarcophagi and begin battling them. While they kill the skeletons, more continue to emerge. La Bustamonte finally stops the skeltons by reading some Draconic writing on some alters to Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon (a Lawful Good god), and then kneeling at the altar.

Green Arrow (Where you started this session) Red Arrow (Where you stopped)

XP: +323 Total: 2257 4rd level @ 3750XP

Treasure: 45GP; +1 Sunblade Bastard Sword

Session 9


After defeating the skeletons, the party decides to head back to town and rest. They have been through a lot this morning and to recuperate. As they approach the town, they see that the gates are closed and the walls are defended. They are informed that the dead have risen in the graveyard outside of town. Rond Kelfem, the captain of the Winterhaven militia took two soldiers with him to investigate, but did not return. From atop the wall, Lord Padraig pleads with the adventurers to go there and put an end to the threat.

The party agrees and immediately heads to the graveyard, where they find a female elf who they’ve met before. She was in town during their prior visits and must be the spy that Kalarel spoke of in his letter to Irontooth. As soon as she shows herself she activates a magic circle that is drawn on the ground and skeletons and zombie dogs erupt from the ground. The party battles and slays almost all of the threats, including the elf. However before they kill of the last minion, La Bustamonte succeeds in deactivating the magic circle, using her extensive arcane knowledge, and the last skeleton falls to the ground.

They clear the cemetery and search the elf’s body. She wears magic hide armor and carried 39gp and a message signed by Kalarel which reads:

I received your report on the adventurers. Next time you see them, put an end to their meddling. Mix the blood of ten people with the elixir my messenger brings. Then trace the following pattern on the ground of a graveyard and pour the liquid into the lines. That should supply you with a force to thwart them. I’m very close to completing my work and cannot be interrupted. As you already know, if you do come to the second level of the keep, the pass phrase is “From the ground, some magic was found.”

The party then returns to the village, where they are welcomed as heroes. Word had already spread about the adventurers and the quest that they were on to save Winterhaven, and now they had also protected the town from this threat. The innkeeper serves them their meal and refuses to take payment. People around the town are referring to them as The Heroes of Winterhaven, and everyone wants to hear about what has happened to them in the keep this morning.

The party spends the day eating, drinking, and resting. The next morning, they head back to the keep. Several villagers have gathered at the gate and cheer them as they depart.

They return to the same spot where they left off in the dungeon; the room with the altars to Bahamut. They head through the double doors ahead and find an empty crypt with a single coffin sitting atop a raised dais. When they start to exit the room, the coffin lid flies open and a skeleton girded in plate armor rises from within. His breastplate is emblazoned with the symbol of Bahamut. He yells; “The rift must never be reopened! State your intentions, or prepare to die!” The skeleton is Sir Keegan, the crazed knight that, according to Valthrun in Winterhaven, slaughtered his family and the soldiers defending the keep. When the party informs him that they are here to stop the rift from being opened, he is skeptical. He believes they are either here to open the rift, or else just here to loot the place. The party, over time, convinces him of their good intentions and tells him of the cult that is trying to break the seal. Although he cannot leave this room and help them he offers them his battle standard, which he hopes will aid them. Leaving Sir Keegan, the party heads back to the hallways with magical rune markings on the floors. Conterra attempts to jump over them, but missteps and activates them. A terrible scream emanates from them causing sonic damage, as well as alerting more zombies from further down the hallways. Dralk activates the runes a couple more times (causing more damage to the entire group), and the party slays the zombies. They continue to explore and find another stairwell heading down. Unlike the where they currently stand the room at the bottom of the stairwell is torch lit.

XP: +348 Total: 2605 4rd level @ 3750XP

Treasure: 39GP; +1 Pouncing Beast Hide Armor; Battle Standard of Might Also: Eric gave away the previously found +1 Holy symbol of Bahamut to Sir Keegan.

Session 10


As the adventurers begin their decent in the stairwell, a poisoned dart trap triggers, hitting Thom and paralyzing him. He seems fully conscious and aware of his surroundings, yet cannot move any muscles. Feeling a sense of urgency to stop Kalarel, the party decides to continue on hoping that Thom will recover on his own soon. They descend the stairs looking for more traps as they go. At the bottom of the stairs is a torch-lit room with 4 hobgoblins in it. One of the hobgoblins states a challenge phrase, which the party responds to with the passphrase that they found on Ninaran’s body. The hobgoblin acts as if he accepts their passphrase, and says that he will report their arrival to his leader. Not trusting him or the passphrase they gave, and also not wanting more enemies to arrive, the party attacks.

The party notices that these hobgoblins are keeping a very large spider monster in a cage, and a couple of them head for the cage. Not wanting them to release the spider, they adventurers focus their attacks on anyone headed for the spider. More hobgoblins enter the room, more die; until all that is left is the spider in the cage, which they kill as well.

Finding only 10gp in this area, they move on down a hallway. They have a choice of direction; north, east, or south. They choose east. Traveling down this hallway, Conterra notices a misaligned flagstone in the floor, right before Zergol steps on it. The party backs up away from it, while Zergol grabs one of the hobgoblin bodies to toss onto it. Immediately an iron portcullis slams down in front of them, sealing the passage ahead. Gavrilo, Conterra, and Zergol work together lifting and bending the portcullis enough that they can get through.

The next room they find is empty, except for food stores and a table with chairs. There are doors to the east and south. Dralk steps up to the east door to listen. He hears nothing but notices a crack in the door to peek through. Inside he sees nothing but a couple of beds. He listens at the south door. Again hears nothing but finds a peephole. He looks in and doesn’t see anyone at first, but then notices below him a hobgoblin crouched below trying to hide. Just then, from the other door, three hobgoblins burst out and attack Conterra. Then the door that Dralk is at opens reveiling four hobgoblins and their leader, a very large, very ugly hobgoblin. The leader shouts to his forces to take the adventurers alive, for they can be sold as slaves to the “Bloodreavers”. Once again however, this group proves to be no match for these adventurers. All hobgoblins are slain. In the leader’s quarters, the group finds a magical Bag of Holding filled with 380gp.

XP: +353 Total: 2958 4rd level @ 3750XP

Treasure: 390gp; a Bag of Holding; 4 bottles of fine red wine

Session 11


While resting after their recent fight, Thom regains control of his motor functions. Unfortunately, he had already soiled himself. The party proceeds down a hallway to the south and came to a pair of doors. As Conterra reaches to open the door, a familiar dart trap hits him and paralyzes him. The party moves on dragging his limb body behind.

Zergol then opens the doors to reveal a 30-foot-high room looking vaguely like a memorial. In the center, a 20-foot-tall statue of a warrior in plate armor stands atop a raised dais and holds an outstretched sword. In the corners of the eastern wall sit two statues of crouching dragons. To the south, an entryway leads to a set of double doors. In the entryway stand four more statues of small, cherubic figures holding vases above their heads.

The party soon learns that the statue room is trapped. The large statue swings its sword to hit anyone who moves near it. Therefore the group moves around the room staying close to the walls, away from the statues. However, Dralk soon finds himself caught in a magical trap filling with water and tossing him about in a whirlpool. The party quickly destroys the vases that are producing the water, and the trap disarms.

They quickly leave this room into a room to the south, only to discover a horde of zombies waiting, along with a ghoul, and some sort of clay construct creature. While the party fights and kills the zombies and ghoul, the construct finds himself in trouble and heads through the doors to the east to find help. Finished with the remaining zombies, the party quickly follows and suddenly finds themselves in another encounter.

The room to the east is a large cathedral with streams of blood pouring out of an altar and running along the floors and down into a pit in the center of the room. Along with the construct, who is soon killed, the room contains an underpriest of Orcus, 2 axe wielding humans, 5 Vampiric creatures, and a shadow creature. Even tired from the previous ghoul encounter, the party manages to defeat everyone in the room without any friendly casualties.

With the immediate threats defeated, they head back to the previous room to look for treasure. In the room they find a small tunnel. Gavrillo heads down the small tunnel to find a room with many half eaten bodies of humanoids and forest creatures. Among the bodies, he finds a magical warhammer, some magic shoes, and 176gp worth of various coins.

XP: +531 Total: 3489 4rd level @ 3750XP

Treasure: 176gp; +2 Defensive Warhammer; Sandals of Precise Stepping

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